Apr. 12th


  • All stories must be fictional. Neither of us wants a lawsuit. But what about fan fiction? NOPE. I'd like these to be original stories. There are usable characters that will be listed on this site later but do not use established characters. No "Sherlock Holmes". No "X-Files". No "Batman". No "Miss Marple". Remember that lawsuit thing. (clue)

  • Two pages minimum but around ten minutes if read aloud. So far, it seems that around 2000 - 2100 words works quite nicely.

  • No killing/injuring children (just because I don't like it)

  • Nothing terribly graphic. Killing/murder is ok but detail about how many pieces of a body are missing isn't necessary. Think PG murder.

  • Language: prefer English. If not, don't be surprised if I mispronounce- a LOT. As for those seemingly ever-present naughty words, usable but try not to overdo it. Again, think PG... or PG-13. You can say f*ck but not every other word. Conversely, if your character gets shot, saying "well, shucks" isn't terribly realistic either. How's this? If you question whether or not you've used too many naughty words... you have and you should try again.

  • Sex: You can if you REALLY want to but keep in mind the time limits of the story and the limit on graphic explainations.

  • Supernatural: Honestly, I prefer non-supernatural stories. No ghosts, goblins, vampires, aliens, etc. This may change later but let's start on this planet. This does not mean you can't have a character that thinks something supernatural is going on or imply that something of that nature may actually happen. Hopefully you can see the difference.
    I really just don't want to see something like: "We've rounded up all the suspects. Steve the secretary. Joanne the Janitor. And METHOR - BARBARIAN KING OF THE WOODLAND FARIES!" So, yeah. Don't do that. That would be too silly, even for me.

  • Rights: Just because I publish/air your story does not mean I own the rights to it. The rights to the story are yours. I would like to think that you would be okay with sharing the rights to the recorded version since, well, I'm the one recording it. If not, let me know and we'll see if we can work something out.

  • There will be a very informal contract to sign (or digitally sign) stating that you have permission to share the story you're submitting and that we are in no way liable for any contract breach that may occur because of your participation in this project.

  • Email all stories (preferably in "word doccument" format) to submit@2pagesofmystery.com

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